Photo 52.2: Framed (Photographer's Choice)

Last January, at the suggestion of our own Stacey Vukelj, our group of intrepid photographers dubbed 2013 "The Year of Awesome."  And an awesome year it was. We completed our 52-week collaborative blog project devoted to the in-depth exploration of light. We launched this very website you are now perusing, What We Become, a collaborative photo blog devoted to our collective creative development. 

Mostly, we got out of our respective comfort zones, grew in our craft, and - best of all - had fun!

For this final week of December, our theme is "Photographer's Choice". Some images will be a 2013 personal favorite. Some will be a continuation of our month-long exploration of lines. All images will be a reflection of where we are in our photographic journey. Click here to see all the image we chose as our final image of 2013 HERE.