Photo 52: A Play on Light (Week 44: Color of Light: Blue)

This is week 44 of our play on light and this month we are focusing on something a little different- photographing colors of light. Many factors play into the color that we see in photos (the sun, trees, light bulbs, how we process the photo, etc.) and we will be exploring these all month. This week we are looking at blue light and I chose to focus on the blue hour- the period of twilight about an hour before sunrise and about an hour after sunset. By now you likely know that golden hour (when the light is really yummy and warm) is a half hour before and after sunrise/sunset. Blue hour is the time when there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness and the color of light your camera sees is this brilliant blue. Oddly when you look to the sky during this time, you wouldn't know it was that color as our eyes see a kind of greyish. The best area of the sky to see the richest blues is directly opposite of the sun's location. Near the sun, the sky will appear brighter and the blues not as vibrant. We spent the last week in Madison, Wisconsin visiting grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and we had a great time; we were also lucky to escape the oppressive heat NYC is experiencing now.  These photos were taken during blue hour and now I plan to take more of these. I honestly didn't know much about blue hour until this last week.

Please check out what my friend Justine chose as her blue light shot for the week HERE. They are really fun. 

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Wisconsin State Capitol