Photo 52: A Play on Light (Week 32: Exploring Day Light)

This is week 32 of our Play on Light blog circle. I have some catching up to do after having no Internet access while we were traveling so will be adding posts in the next few weeks so I am all caught up. This month we are exploring light at different times of the day, beginning with morning light last week, day light, then evening light and light at night.

This week we are looking at photos during the day light hours- typically the time of day when it's best to avoid photographing in direct sunlight given the harsh sun and harsh shadows the light can cause. We were in the Cook Islands (in the South Pacific) on a dream vacation with my family and my parents for two weeks and I have to say about 80% of all my shots I took on the vacation were during the peak hours of the day because it's when the sky and lagoon and ocean turned the most magnificent colors. I have never seen so many different shades of blue and turquoise. And it would change if the sun went behind a cloud or if was morning light or late afternoon light. It was stunning and it never got old to look at (or photograph). I chose three shots to include this week and yes, I am still dreaming of going back!

After you finish this, please head over to my New York friend, Sarah Roemer Davis and see what gorgeous shot she captured of her urban lifestyle HERE

Running along "Honeymoon Island"

Drew and Gabba snorkeling in the lagoon

Girls on the lagoon cruise