Photo 52.2: Photographer's Choice {Week 52}

Wow. This is it. The final week of Framed. The end of our second year of a collaborative photography project. Over the course of this year we studied composition ranging from geometric framing to lines, perspectives and patterns and so much more. We grew as photographers and nurtured our individual and group stories. We appreciate all the support from our followers, and suggest you keep your eyes out for our next steps!

Please click HERE to see all the final week images - either a new creative composition or a favorite image from the year.

This is one of my favorite shots of the year. This was taken on our trip to Africa in August. This was in Deadvlei, a white clay pan near the more famous salt pan of Sossusvlei, insde the Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia. The trees died, as there no longer was enough water to survive. There are some species of plants remaining, adapted to surviving off the morning mist and very rare rainfall. The remaining skeletons of the trees, which are believed to be about 900 years old, are now black because the intense sun has scorched them. Though not petrified, the wood does not decompose because it is so dry.

We visited in the early morning when it was still quite cool out and there were a lot of sand storms, which can be seen here. We are all bundled up and covered our heads in wraps to avoid any sand in our eyes.