Photo 52: A Play on Light (Week 52!! Photographer's Choice)

Wow, it's week 52 of 52. We have posted a new image surrounding the exploration of light for an entire year. This has been such an incredible experience for our amazing group of photographers who I am so proud to call my friends. We have all grown so so much and we have learned so much from each other and spent hours and hours and hours talking to each other about light and photography and everything in between! I love our group so much and don't know where I'd be without them. While a fair amount of us are in NYC and we get together on a regular basis, I do hope a time comes for all of us to meet up! As hard as it was to get a shot every week and posted on time and and how hard it was on our families sometimes (ahem, my kids!), I wouldn't change a thing. 

While this photo wasn't one of the photos from the year, I am ending the year on a photo I took while I am here in Namibia for 2 weeks with the girls and Miles. I plan to post many, many more photos of this trip but this is a favorite. I love seeing them in silhouette jumping and I love how little they look compared to the huge boulders next to them. These granite rocks were formed 150 MILLION years ago when a volcano erupted and the lava formed these rocks. It's the most spectacular landscape I have ever seen in my life. I am happy to be able to look back at this photo and know it was the culmination of a year long project with friends.

Our little group has plans for another year of photography and we will be sharing those, along with our new format in the upcoming weeks. Until then, thank you for all of you who follow my blog and have followed my friends as a result. We thank you for your continued support! 

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