Letters to our Daughters | January 2014

This is my monthly letters to our Daughters blog circle with wonderful photographer friends all over the country who write letters to their girls. After reading mine, continue on the circle and read what Laura Martin Mood had to say to her darling girl HERE

Dear Drew and Harper,

Happy New Year! Hard to believe another year has come and gone. This past Christmas, we spent a week in Wisconsin and on Saturday, December 28th, we boarded a plane and you thought we were heading back to NYC. Drew, you started to question why we weren't landing in Chicago on the way home and where we were going to land next if it wasn't NYC. Even as we departed the plane and the humidity shot up about 100%, you still didn't question where we were going. It's clear that we travel quite a bit so landing in different airports isn't such a foreign happenstance! After we waited for our stroller, I told you both that you had one final present left to open. Your eyes lit up and I told you there was a bag on the side of the chair. You ran over and opened it up to find two Minnie mouse ear hats with your names embroidered on the back. I could see your minds asking what these were for and I think the first photo below says it all. "Do you know where the Princesses live, Harper?" "Did you ever want to go to Disney world?" "Well… we aren't going home. Instead, we are spending the next four days in Disney World!!! We are in Orlando, Florida!" Pure elation!

We finally made it back to our hotel room and were fast asleep by 9 pm. We spent the next four days living and breathing Disney and having just the best time. We got so lucky and practically had the park to ourselves the first day as the weather was a little cool and slightly rainy. It was awesome and we tore up Disney! The next day we weren't as lucky as the sun came out and the park was packed. Christmas/New Year's is the busiest time of the year we learned.

I have been wanting to take you both to Disney for a few years now and because Harper, you are so in love with princesses and we know this stage will not last forever, we felt like now would be a great time. I loved seeing the princesses through your eyes, Harper. You truly believe that they all live in Cinderella's castle and that these are the "real life princesses." You couldn't keep your eyes off of your favorite, Rapunzel, when we met her and had to go back a second day to get her autograph in our book. Drew, you certainly know the truth but were so great about seeing all the girls and characters and playing along. You never really were into princesses too much, but it didn't bother you a bit. The magic of Disney makes everything about it special.

I remember both times I went to Disney World with my grandmother. Once by myself when I was probably about 6 and then again with my brother Nick when he was about 6 and I was 12. While things certainly feel and look different than when I was a kid, you both still shared so many of my favorite rides- the monorail (such a bummer you can no longer sit in the very front car), Dumbo, Tea Cups, Peter Pan's ride, It's a small world and while I remember loving Pirates of the Caribbean, neither of you liked that one at all!! 

My photos below are nothing special, but do give a taste of the fun we had. I actually can't wait to go back again in a couple years. I don't know how we kept Disney a secret for so long, but am glad we did. Seeing your reaction was well worth it!

Here's to many more magical events and experiences in 2014.

I love you both and enjoy the memories!

Love, Mommy