Letters to My Daughters | June 2013

Dear girls,

As I write this, you are fast asleep but it hasn't been for very long. Tonight we had a picnic for your old preschool group in Riverside Park and it was one of those perfect early summer evenings. The temperature couldn't have been more ideal: sunny in the mid 70's with a light breeze. We visited with old friends and new friends and lucky for us, there were many other current friends we knew in the park as well. While you didn't eat the healthiest of all meals (think cookies and brownies and a tiny bit of pasta!), the pure joy and elation and screaming and laughing that came out of you two tonight was so much fun to watch and be a part of. I was so proud of both of you for including friends you didn't know very well in with your pals from school. It truly warmed my heart and everyone had so much fun.

It was the ultimate golden hour and my absolute favorite time of the day to be outside. You two are typically asleep before this time hits during the summer hours and I always regret it (selfishly so I can photograph you at the peak, but also so you can enjoy the light and warmth and glow). Tonight I made an exception and am so happy I did.  You two picked flowers, you played ring around the rosey and spun so fast that everyone fell to the ground in a heap of laughter. You played red light/green light 1-2-3 and you put on a play with your friends and included all siblings no matter how old and young they were. You climbed trees, you snuck snacks and lemonade and made new friends. As sad as I was to go home, we couldn't put off the inevitable any longer. We stayed out way past bedtime and walked home holding hands and remarking on how huuuuge our shadows were on the street and as I explained why they were so tall, you both tried to stomp on each other's shadow faces! I put you both to bed smelling like grass and mud and sweat (bath will have to wait until the morning!) and I have to say that I can't wait until the next warm evening to do it all over again. It was a top ten night with my two favorite girls in the world in my most favorite city in the world. Mom will go to bed very happy (albeit late!) tonight.

Love you both, dearly!



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