Letters to My Daughters | April 2013

This is my third letter in our "Letters to My Daughters" blog circle with some lovely and talented friends. You can read my first installment HERE.

My sweet Harper,

This month I am writing my letter to you. When did you become an almost four year old? I am reminded daily that you are turning four when you ask me how many more days until June 3! Birthdays are the best. I often think about you as a baby still and how tiny you were when you were born, especially compared to your big sister. I have stopped comparing how different the two of you are size-wise because I truly love that you are so unique and your own person. In so many ways, you make up for your petite size in your strength, tenacity and energy.

Time continues to fly by and I am astonished at how much you are learning and at what a quick pace. I tell you all the time how lucky you are that you have a big sister to watch and learn from. I would do anything to have a sister. Luckily I have the best friends in the world to make up for it. You pick up on everything Drew is learning and then some. She truly is your role model and I know you want to do everything she is doing and don't tell her... but you just about are!

You are fish in the water. You swim with ease as you learn the crawl and backstroke from Gabba and never want to stop. I put my hands out in case you need to hold on, but you just keep on moving to the other side of the pool. I can see this shaping into the analogy of your life. But, I'll always be there with my two hands.

You share so much love with your friends and family and it makes me so proud. There are times when you hug me and say "Momma, I just love you so so so much. You are the best Momma in the whole world" and you snuggle into my lap in the fetal position. I fear the day you are too big to do this. You love your daddy. Oh, do you love him. You recently told him that you want to marry him because he is the nicest man in the whole world. Your daddy would do anything for you and he will have your back for the rest of your life. And most importantly, you love yourself! Whenever you talk about who you love, you always include yourself and that is pretty awesome.

You love princesses. You just love them and cannot get enough of the stories, the dressing up, the crowns, the heels and the hair. For you birthday, you have asked for a Rapunzel wig so you can have hair as long as Rapunzel's. Just wait until we surprise you with your first trip to Disney at the end of the year! You love school and learning and working on your numbers and your letters and trying to read. You love drawing hearts and rainbows and stars and princes and princesses with long hair and dresses  -all the things that make your heart sing. And you LOVE playing make believe. Just today I heard you drawing birthday cards for each member of our family and you were sounding out "I love you" so you could write it. You hid it in the house somewhere and I can't wait to find it one day!

Harper, I love you to pieces and while your Dad and I are a bit worried about you in your teenage years given the attitude and sass we can get from you occasionally, I know you won't let anyone take advantage of you and you will take a stand and be brave and courageous, and most importantly, you will love. It's just who you are. 

I love you, pumpkin!

Love, Mommy

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Here are some photos from our recent trip to the Cook Islands. Many more photos of our trip to be featured on the blog in the near future!