Letters to our Daughters {August 2014}

This post is part of my second annual monthly letter to our daughters series. After reading this letter, please head on over to my friend Nicole's page to read her letter and see her adorable photos of her daughter Chloe HERE

Dear Drew and Harper-

This is going to be a short and sweet letter to you two this month. We have had a whirlwind summer and I've seen both of you grow and change and challenge yourselves and each other, you've gone off to all 7 of your different camps with smiles on your faces and come home with new friends; you've embraced your precious weeks living together with your cousins, but most importantly I've seen your independence and confidence grow. Thanks to the small community where we spend a lot of our summer, you two can walk to camp alone with your cousins, run down the beach to play in the sand yourself and ride your bikes to and from camp. The look of confidence is priceless and this is all I can hope and wish for the two of you. To be confident and powerful is to feel secure and with this you learn to make positive choices about yourself and do positive things for others. Strong, powerful and confident girls feel good about themselves. I know you two will be this way. Of course there will always be times of self-doubt and insecurity (trust me, I still go through this daily), but I know these feelings won't stop you and you will be strong, confident girls. I love you always and forever.

Love, Mommy