Letters to our Daughters {July 2014}

This is my part of my monthly "Letters to our Daughters" photography blog circle. After reading my letter, please see what my sweet friend Kami had to say to her two daughters HERE.

Hi girls,

We are in the middle of our summer of adventures. We've spent a week on Cape Cod, about 10 days in Madison and we will be heading back to Cape Cod, NYC for a week and onto Africa yet again. This month's letter is more for me than it is for you, but I thought it might be helpful for you to read as well one day. Beginning today, Momma has to learn to let you two be yourselves. It will be very hard at times, but I know in the bottom of my heart, you both have strong personalities and it's more important for you to explore at your own pace then for me or your Dad to tell you or encourage you to do something you aren't ready for yet. Drew, you are a beautiful, stubborn, shy, hilarious, inquisitive, sharp little girl and while we want you to take risks and we want you to try every sport and go on every fun ride, I know you will do it all on your own time. You are a beautiful, strong girl and we love you to pieces.  And, Harper you are our wild child and we often wonder where your crazy personality comes from. One minute you are in the fetal position on my lap and the next minute you are running around like a wild hyena! We love you to death and know this is just a phase (let's all hope) but I will let you be who you want to be and I know you will turn out just fine in the end :) You are a very beautiful, strong girl and we love you to pieces as well! You are both so unique and so special and we want you to be who you want to be, as long as you are both healthy, strong and full of love.

Here are some shots we took one night in Wisconsin in a restored prairie full of wildflowers. While the shoot did not go as planned and you both, along with your cousin were done before we began, I was able to capture a few nice shots from our evening in this very special place.

Love, Momma