Letters to Our Daughters | March 2014

This is my second year writing a letter a month to my two girls. If you'd like to read some of my other friends' letters, please follow our circle and see what my dear friend Kami had to say to her two adorable little girls' this month HERE

Hi girls,

It's almost Spring. It's hard to believe but we actually had a day today that reached 60 degrees and we didn't need to wear jackets! This has been the longest winter in history and too bad, the low tomorrow is 20. Spring is right around the corner…we hope! While we are on the topic of warmer weather, I wanted to write a quick note as I reminisced about our last trip in February to Senegal. You guys are pro travelers now and are officially awesome travel buddies. We had a heck of time even getting to Senegal with a 20 hour delay (thanks to Delta Airlines) and sleeping on the floor of the airport. Or you and your Dad did while I just sat in a chair. I don't do well sleeping outside of a real bed. I should be better by now, but I'm just not :) Anyway, as soon as we got to our little hotel and we got some sleep, it was as if we had been in Senegal for a week. You both decided you want to live there permanently and didn't want to go back home. You had brought your favorite toys and books of the month, you had warm weather, a pool, lots of dogs and horses and goats to play with, but most importantly you had each other. And honestly, that was all that mattered the whole time. You are only 19.5 months apart and you two couldn't be any different when it comes to size, height, personality, likes, hair, and more. But, at the end of the day, you have each other and it doesn't matter where we are in the world, what time zone we are in, or which Frozen song is your favorite to sing. Yes, you do argue and fight, but I don't know what you would do without one another. Love outweighs the rest. And you two love each other like none other. I love you both and wanted to include some snaps of the two of you at the beach in Senegal- care fee and loving the cold water. It's nice to look at these and imagine what summer might feel like again. You both look so tiny in this huge ocean. Drew, you are getting braver and braver and walking out past the break. Harper, you go out a little ways, but always run back to your Mama for safety. Analogies for the types of little people you both are these days.

I can't wait to see what lies in store for our next adventure.