Letters to My Daughters | October 2013

After reading my letter to my daughters, please click through our circle and see what my friend Nicole Johnson had to say to her adorable daughter Chloe HERE

Hi girls, 

This is your official October letter from your Mama. We have had such a busy fall so far. Drew you are now a big first grader and doing so well. Your Spanish and English have accelerated so fast and it's so much fun to listen to you speak, read and write in both languages. It's going to be hard for me to keep up shortly! You adore your teacher and all your activities and look forward to Sunday soccer practice and games as much as your Dad and I do. We knew this was going to be a good year for you, but had no idea how much you were going to enjoy it and really take to it. We are so very proud!

Harper, your are now in Pre-K and have the same teachers Drew had in her Pre-K class. You adore your friends, especially your best friend Maya. Just tonight you told me you planned to marry Maya and you would both wear huge white wedding dresses and long wigs. You asked me if it was ok if you could do that now and I told you yes. This past weekend we were in the Berkshires celebrating the marriage of our good friends Bill and Brian. It was a very emotional wedding and it meant a lot to us to have you both at the ceremony to see the pure and utter joy that Bill and Brian shared with each other and their guests when they could finally make their partnership official. Thank you to the state of Massachusetts for being the first state to make it legal! Harper, you are still a ball of energy and keep your Dad and me on our toes. You still don't understand that yelling is not a form of indoor conversation and you are fearless - on your bike, at the park, running after your sister or climbing a mountain. And you no longer have to wear pull ups at night; however you still do love your cozy crib :)

We had Columbus Day off from school so I took you on an adventure to Brooklyn to explore Brooklyn Bridge Park and Jane's Carousel and the playgrounds and ice cream and we had a ball. It's so fun to have days like this when we just play all day and you can just be kids. Here are some photos from our day.

I love you with all my heart, 



Where Do The Children Grow

by Christy R. Dawson

When you see a smiling face
Their happiness all over the place
Singing, laughing, cries of glee,
Come they say, Play with me
The slide, the swing, the monkey bars.
Look at them close to see who they are.
Lots of races, Ready, Set, Go.
This is how the children grow.

If you watch them everyday
You'll see they learn as they play
They'll do what they see, and say what they hear.
You're their teacher though out the years.
Their ideas and thoughts in their eyes shine.
Imagination is a glimpse of their mind
When you’re not looking, don't you know
This is when the children grow.

Watch them as they learn to walk
Listen to them when they talk
Keep them safe, away from harm
Wrap them gently within your arms
Teach them to share and how to take turns.
Set good examples from which they will learn.
At home, at school, wherever they go
This is where the children grow.