Letters to my Daughters | September 2013

After reading my letter, please continue along the circle and see what my good friend Kami wrote to her daughters HERE

Hi girls, 

We are fresh off our two week vacation to one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen: Namibia. Namibia has a population of less than 2 million people and on a map is in the south west in the continent of Africa. This was a trip that I don't think any of us will ever forget. 

I am writing to tell you how much we appreciated and loved having you two little girls with us on our trip. This was not an easy trip and we certainly pushed you. We were blown away with how you both handled it and didn't complain and were so happy to be in Africa with us. To give a quick recap, we spent two overnights on a plane on the way to Nambia (with a day stop in Frankfurt), and then drove around the country, spending 6-7 hours in the car on some days. Not one complaint and truthfully only one or two "are we there yet?" comments! We went on five hour safari's to find wild game such as desert elephants, cheetah and giraffes, we hiked up 150 million year old boulders to find ancient rock engravings from some of the earliest settlers. We took a 4x4 car up and down the most gorgeous and tall sand dunes I have ever seen and you loved the feeling of your stomach dropping and squealed in delight and asked to go on more. You got to hold and feed baby baboons, play with warthogs and get next to meerkat. You sat at restaurants with us every meal and ate fresh game like oryx and kudu and springbok and you loved it and asked for more meat. You met and played with kids from around the world- many who know some english and many more who didn't. You didn't care one way or another and it was a pleasure to watch. You slept in a tent outside on two cold nights and took care of each other when I know deep down you really, really didn't want to sleep outside. I think your good behavior paid off when the third night they upgraded us to the honeymoon suite and you got to sleep inside and bathe in a bathtub outside in the warm sun! 

Our days were busy. You napped a lot in the car and you were so excited to be woken up when we came across herds of wild zebra and giraffe or a solo desert elephant along the side of the road. Your favorites were probably the hundreds of warthogs I had to avoid hitting along the road, the cute baby giraffes, dassies, flamingos, baboons and seals. 

You were both very patient with Mommy and all my requests to stop and snap pictures. We ended most nights at our lodges with a sundowner and you two sipped sparkling lemonade by a fire pit or on top of a lookout. Your Dad and I were so proud of how you behaved and how well the two of you played together all day and night. Your creativeness, support and true, true love for each other continue to astound me. You are two of the luckiest kids I know (we can thank Daddy's frequent flier miles) but I couldn't be more proud of who you are today and the kind of little ladies you are becoming. We keep pushing what we can do with you two on trips and this trip settled any doubts we may have had before. Get ready kids, your Dad and I can't wait to push the envelope and we couldn't ask for two better companions to have on our life adventures. I love you both more than you will ever know is possible.

xoxoxo, Your Mama