Photo 52.2: Framed (Geometric Shapes as Framing Elements)

For those of you that followed my Photo 52 blog circle last year, you know we spent a year studying light. The year was such an incredible growing experience for all of us- both technically and creatively. When the year came to a close, we realized we needed a new project and thus, Who We Become was born: a centralized site where we will share our weekly images - the nearly perfect ones that inspire us, or the flawed ones that show our struggle to grow. This year we are focusing on the subject of composition. We will study geometry and framing, colors and lines, scale and narrative and our hope is that in doing so, our photography will continue to grow.

Each week will post a description of our shooting assignment here in the blog and a link to a gallery where you can see all of our images in one place. You can click on any individual photographer's website by clicking on her image in the mosaic in the gallery.

Without further ado, our week 1 is focused on using geometric shapes as framing elements. Below is my photo for week 1. Please click here to see what we found for our first week of images.