Photo 52.2: Framed (Perspective: Medium and Large Format) {Week 18}

Welcome to Week 18 of p52.2 : Framed.

This week we are looking at alternate aspect ratios and how they can impact the image. The aspect ratio of an image is the relationship between its height and width - effectively defining how square or rectangular the image is. Most DSLR cameras use an aspect ratio of 3:2 or more commonly known as 6:4. By changing the aspect ratio we can use the height and width of the image to strengthen the composition, play with the perspective or create a more balanced image. This week are using aspect ratios that are more commonly found on mediium and large format cameras, for example 5:4, 7:6, 16:9.

Click here to see all of this week's images in a grid. Here is my choice for this week. I turned this image into a 5:4 ratio to simplify the composition and draw the viewer's eyes to the baby without losing them in additional background elements.