Photo 52.2: Color Theory: Complimentary Colors {Week 32}

Welcome to week 32 of p52.2 : Framed. This week we continue our month-long study of color with complimentary colors. Complimentary color schemes are a great place to start with color theory, as they are easy to understand and fun to use. They help create cohesive and pleasing compositions.

Complimentary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue-orange, violet-yellow, or red-green. They work well in straightforward compositions where vivid and vibrant color combinations can create interest and contrast. Differences in brightness can also create contrast, such as a dark blue and a light orange or black and white. More subdued hues may also be used, such as pastels or a lighter toned combination, such as teal-orange. We can also use split complimentary colors where two of the three colors are adjacent to one of the colors that is opposite, such as blue, yellow-orange and red-orange. Flowers, sunsets, and holiday decorations are just a few examples of where we might find complimentary colors.

Here is my choice for this week. Click HERE to see all the images together in one matrix.