Photo 52: A Play on Light (Week 17: 2012 Favorite)

This is week 17 of our Play on Light blog circle and to cap off the year 2012 we have decided to post a favorite photo of 2012.  We have all grown so much over the past year and I am so honored to have found this talented and supportive group of mom photographers - now all dear friends - from around the world. They inspire me daily with their skills and knowledge and have pushed me to improve my photography more than I could ever imagine and most importantly encouraged me when I have lost confidence. This post is for them. I am so excited to begin a new year with all of these ladies and look forward to sharing more on this blog with all of my "fans" - you know who you are :)

I have taken more photos this year than I could have ever imagined possible, so I have many favorites from 2012, however if I had to choose one, the following is my favorite photo of the year as it captures Drew and Harper's personalities and laughter so well. I started photographing my girls to capture moments like this. I like to be able to see a photo that makes me smile and I love it when I can almost hear their laughter - like in this one. Many have seen this before, but here it is one last time to cap off 2012!

Last day of summer 2012

Please follow along the circle to see what my Brooklyn friend Kelly Patton of K. Rox Photography chose as her favorite image HERE and see what her darling family (a.k.a. The Brooklyn Pattons) have been up to while you are on her page.