Letters to our Daughers | February 2015

This letter is part of my monthly "Letters to our Daughters" blog circle. After reading this, please continue in the circle and see what my friend Colie had to say to her adorable little girl Chloe HERE

Hi girls-

While this letter is for both of you, I am going to focus more on Harper this month based on an incident that happened over the weekend that I know you both of you won't soon forget and nor will I! It all started Sunday morning when we started talking about going to get haircuts. Both of your hair were getting out of hand and ragged and it was time for a cut to clean it up. You finally agreed and Harper, you were so excited. The appointment couldn't come quicker that day. "How many more minutes until my hair cut?"   While I have always suggested you cut your hair shorter, you always always wanted long hair. So, while I was surprised you changed your mind and wanted to cut your hair that morning, I went with it. You are at a stage in your life where routines are your world. You get into these habits and you can't break them. Unfortunately we are in one right now where you will only wear these ONE pair of black leggings from GAP because every other pair of leggings doesn't feel right or is too tight and restricting. And of course the GAP is currently not selling plain black leggings. The ones they do have are trimmed with lace and we can't have lace rubbing against or leg (this month).

So I digress, but you tend to always know what you want. This particular Sunday was going to be a "cut your hair short" day and you weren't going to have it any other way.  We got to the hair salon down the street and it's not our regular salon because I was sick and tired of paying upwards of $40 for a kids trim. I heard about this new place with haircuts for "only" $25 for kids so we made an appointment and headed in. I will add that it's a very deceptive practice at Dramatics because only "walk-in" appointments off the street at $25. Every other appointment that you book starts at $35 so with long hair we were back to the $40 price. Drew went first and we showed her styilist over and over again exactly how much to cut off and she went to town.  Harper loved holding all your curls on the ground!

Even though I told your stylist I didn't want to pay for a blowout (an extra $10) she did it anyway and then proceeded to straighten your hair with a straightening iron. I honestly didn't recognize you at the end and I am not sure you recognized yourself, Drew.

And then it was your turn, Harper. You loved getting your hair washed twice and conditioned and sat in your chair to show your stylist where you wanted your hair to fall. We both agreed (just above your shoulders). If only I had that on tape!

And then the cutting bagan....

And then it was a mere 30 seconds after I took the photo above that you looked up, looked in the mirror and LOST it. I mean lost it. You screamed and yelled and tore off the robe and pulled and yanked at your hair and said you never wanted to cut your hair short, you wanted long hair and you were not staying there a second longer. You jumped out of your chair and nearly face dived onto the floor with loud gasps all around. Now, I would have been ok to leave, but you see, you had those two long chunks of hair still hanging off the side of your head and I was not about to walk around town with you looking like that. The screaming and crying didn't end and your stylist didn't have a clue how to handle this situation. We may have been her first child cut. But, after A LOT of talking and maybe even a quick bribe to watch a Punky Brewster show when we got home (that show never did make it on), I held both your hands down so you wouldn't grab at your hair and your stylist managed to finish your cut.

I know I shouldn't have taken that shot abve, but I couldn't help myself and thought maybe one day you'd look back and laugh?! Well, as soon as we busted out of that salon, I had a brilliant idea to reward your lovely behavior with a giant cookie from Levain Bakery. Because, isn't that what you are supposed to do? I'd call that a parenting win!

And no, they didn't eat the whole cookie themselves. I am still working on mine and it's been 3 days! I will admit that it calmed you down, Harper. It was so sad as you said you never wanted to go to school and everyone would laugh at you and you didn't want to see any of your friends again. But, we got lucky and your best friend happened to call us for a last minute Sunday evening playdate and you couldn't get there quick enough. I think it was fate calling. Here you and Drew are waiting for the bus to go to their house:

And then you hugged me and twirled and said you LOVED your hair!

And you know what, I love your hair too. Your teacher said you looked stylish. You go in waves and there are still parts of the day when you look in the mirrow and miss your hair. But, you do seem to have come a long way from Sunday. It's only Tuesday but the progress has been huge. And no matter what, it's just hair and it will grow again and who knows - maybe you'll want to keep it short? It's your choice. Next time, I just may have to record how you want your hair cut :) For now, we love you just the way you are !

Love always, Mommy