Letters to My Daughters | November 2013

It's our Letters to Our Daughters blog circle time. After reading my letter, please follow along the circle and see what my friend, Nicole Johnson wrote to her darling daughter, Chloe HERE.

It's time for another letter to my sweet girls. This month I am writing a letter to Drew... It's been a really big month for you sweet pea: you lost your first tooth! You have been telling us over and over again how loose your tooth was and I kept telling you "hmm mmm… it does feel a little loose" when it wasn't budging at all. Almost every single girl and boy in your class have lost their teeth and you were just desperate for the tooth fairy to come. And then about two weeks ago you somehow fell in the cafeteria at school and knocked your tooth and when I picked you up, your smile was as big as your face and you told me "Mom! I have a loose tooth!" and it was so exciting getting ready for the potential of a tooth fairy. But, then we kept waiting and waiting and your tooth just kept hanging in there. Two whole weeks went by and still nothing! Your Dad and I were about to leave for Italy for a mini holiday and I was sure your tooth would fall out when we were away. The night before we were leaving, you woke up and walked out of your room at 9:30 pm and and said "Mom, I lost my tooth!" You weren't sure where it was so I searched your bed but I knew you had likely swallowed it. Sure enough, first tooth gone and it was swallowed. "Do you think the tooth fairy will still come?" Tooth fairies don't care if you have the tooth or not, they just know your tooth is gone and they always come. Sure enough, a mini letter in a mini envelope from the tooth fairy appeared under your pillow with $2! With that $2 came your new smile!


New smile!

Maybe it's because you knew you were getting a little older or maybe it's just because this is the kind of person you are, but I have witnessed excessive kindness coming from you lately. On Halloween, Harper was sick and didn't feel up to going trick or treating, but you came back with your loot of candy and gave Harper anything she wanted. Then, the next day at school, during your free time you asked all your friends in class to make a picture or write a note to Harper because you felt so badly she missed trick or treating. When I picked you up, you had a hand made envelope with a stack of letters and drawings from at least 10 of your friends. I was blown away and Harper was grinning ear to ear.

And then last week at your book fair, you decided to spend your money on a book not for you - but for Harper. You could hardly wait to get home to give it to Harper, but first wanted to spend a few minutes on the steps of the NY Historical Society to do a little reading. Your reading is so fantastic and I love that you want to read everything you can now - even if its a topic you aren't that keen on like Sofia the First.

I'm sad to see your lose your baby tooth because I know it's one more milestone you crossed. But, every time I say that, you do something else that makes us so proud. You are turning into quite the little bilingual speaker and love to quiz yourself and your dad and I are so worried that in just a few short years you and Harper will be able to speak to each other without your Dad or I knowing what you are talking about! You have so much energy and love for all your friends and family. It's really contagious. I felt so lucky to spend an afternoon with you just walking around Central Park.

I love you, Drew. And I do hope you wear more dresses and wear your beautiful curls down more often. Until then, I will sit back and admire you and your new smile. 

Love you always and forever,