My 365 Photo Challenge (Days 1-5)

I have decided to bite the bullet and start a 365. What's a 365 you say? It's me taking a photo for a whole year. Lots of photographers take on this journey and at the end of it, have found it to be so rewarding and they have seen themselves grow so much just by taking out their camera every day. It's a ton of work, but at the end of it, I am going to have a snapshot to remember an entire year of our life. Yes, it will contain mainly photos of my two muses and yes these photos all won't make it into my portfolio (likely none of them will)  but it's more for me and for me to document our daily life, all the details, both the special and the mundane things, the little things I never want to forget and it will also include other non-kid stuff so as not to bore all my followers and to push myself to try new things.  At the end of this challenge, I will have created a visual journey of who we are, what we do, where we go and what we love to do. So, January 1 was my first day and I am now posting the first five days below. Enjoy!


Our last day in Florida after Christmas break. Happy New Year!


A moment in the life of my oldest playing with her dolls before bed.


Gorgeous indoor natural light


Harper reading a new book to Rody


Sweet baby John Fulton Mackey, born on Christmas Day.