Photo 52: A Play on Light (Week 33: Evening Light)

Week 33 and this week we are focusing on evening light. This is my favorite time of day to photograph. The harsh shadows disappear, the light is "golden" and you can really shoot in almost any direction when the sun is low enough on the horizon. It's fun to experiment during this time. Sadly, my kids won't be seeing the golden hour until the Fall because true golden hour falls a half hour before until a half hour after sunset and now it's way past their bedtime :( My photo for this week was taken on one of our last nights in Aitutaki. The sky was unreal! And, if you follow my blog posts, you know that silhouettes are one of my favorite techniques to practice.

Please follow along the circle and see what my friend, Erica Collins, beautiful mom of FIVE little ones chose for her evening/golden hour shot this week HERE

Sunset on Aitutaki, Cook Islands