Letters to My Daughters | February 2013

 "Daughters hold our hands for a little while, but our hearts forever." 

I am thrilled and honored to share that I am part of a small group of photographers and mothers participating in a photo project called “Letters to My Daughters.”  Each month we will be blogging photos and a letter to our little girls. Just like my Photo 52 circle, I will link to another photographer in the group each month. These women are all incredibly talented and while we may be at different stages in our journeys as mothers, at the end of the day, we all feel the same way about our children and I am so excited to see what they write as well. 

I have thought about what to write for weeks and still can't come up with the right words so bear with me. Some people are so good about keeping journals and thoughts about their kids but I could barely keep my baby books up to date. This project is going to force me to finally write my thoughts on "paper." There is so much I want to tell my daughters and I want written and photographic memories for them to have. I *think* I am pretty good with the photos part at this point <wink> but it will be nice for my girls to have words to go along with some of them. And the greatest part is that these are all keepsakes that hopefully my girls will cherish and hold dear for years to come.

Dear Drew and Harper,

I have so many dreams for you. You are only 3.5 and 5 and you have the world ahead of you. You are each so individual.

Drew, Drewie, Drewie Patootie, Drew Magoo you are the epitome of a Momma's girl, still crying when I leave you in the middle of the day after a field trip with your class or when I even mention the thought of a babysitter staying with you. When I ask what you think of when you think of me, you tell me "I just miss you when I am at school and want to be with you." You know the way to my heart, but I also know it's partly drama! You received your first Kindergarten "report card" last week and were told you were a leader in the class. We are so proud of the little person you are becoming. I love you for your sense of humor, I love how you try to make your teachers and friends laugh, I love you for your artistic ability that in no way came from me, I love how you always leave little drawings around the house and love notes for me or your Dad, I love you for your big blue eyes and beautiful curly hair that I know you don't like, but I promise you will one day, I love you for your confidence, passion, your sensitivity, your maternal instincs, your athleticsm, your 99% in height and weight, I love you for your serious side and how you take everything in that you see, I love you for holding my hand on the way to school and back every day, I love you for how much you adore your cousins and I love you for your wanting to have 14 babies one day and wanting me to help you with them, I love you for falling sleep in our car on 95% of trips, I love you for having a boy tell you he had a crush on your and was in love with you already... okay that part I didn't love so much, but I love you for all that you are and will be. 

Harper, Harps, Harper Darper, Darper-Do, Pumps, my little drama queen, pip squeak who is about as big as a minute, you are something else. You make us laugh daily with your phrases, your sayings, your stories and your dreams. I love you for your persistence and your routines and habits that you cannot break, I love you for only wearing a skirt or dress every.single.day for the past year, I love you for wanting to hold my hand all the time, I love you for the balance you strike between being our independent one who likes to walk to school and yet you still hide behind my leg when someone you know says hi to you outside of your comfort zone, I love you for how you want to sit in my lap and cuddle at every possible moment, I love you for yanking out my elastic in my hair and making me swish my hair around like I am a Vidal Sasoon model because I look prettier with my hair down, I love you for loving princesses and long dresses and adoring your ballet class, I love you for wanting me to wear high heels and silk shirts because I look nicer, I love you for being 1000% girl, I love you for wanting to do everything your big sister does. I love you more than you will ever know.

Drewie and Harps, I love you more than you could ever imagine possible. Every day I look at you and am so thankful that you are who you are. I want to just drink up every last bit of you and remember you for who you are today. I am so envious that you have each other as I have always wanted a sister and one day you will believe me when I tell you that you will have a best friend for life. The sibling relationship is life's longest and it should never be taken for granted. We are on this journey together and I can't wait to see where our adventure takes us next. You are two of the best travelers in the world, thanks to all your frequent flier miles. These photos were taken during golden hour on the last night we were in Sanibel Island in December. I thought these captured your personalities quite well.

I love you forever and will always hold your hand,

Momma xoxo

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