Letters to our Daughters | January 2015

Happy New Year! I am going to attemp my annual tradition of writing notes to my daughters on a monthly basis and share some of my photography along with it! This is part of a photography circle with a group of wonderful women who all share similar passions: photography and our kids. In this case, it's our daughters. After reading this, please follow the circle and see what Bonnie Hussey had to say to her darling daughters here:

Dear Drew & Harper--

It's 2015 and we just returned from a wondeful vacation in Baja, Mexico. We were lucky enough to have your Gabba and Bubba with us. Because you both are in the dual language program at your school and know so much Spanish, we were really hoping you'd help us translate. Well, that didn't happen so much this trip. We'll call it stage fright :) It was Mexico's winter so we had a couple cool mornings, but otherwise it was the perfect temperature at the beach or by the pool. We stayed in a house on the beach that was part of a beach club so we didn't have to drive anywhere to go to restaurants or the pool. In fact, a nice little golf cart would come along and pick us up if we were lucky. You both certainly loved that. As you can see from the photos below, you both had a ball at this gorgeous beach about 20 minutes away. The water was super shallow and we could walk all the way across to the other side. You also loved playng in the pool of course but your favorite part was the hot tub. You were only given 3 minutes in it because it was so hot and kids under 11 aren't allowed, but it was your favorite way to end the day. Because we could walk to our house, Harper you especially enjoyed the independence of walking home by yourself to pick up a toy you may have forgotten. None of us got sick on anything which was a blessing, but we had heard this resort was very good about their food and were relieved that it was in fact true. We can't say the same for what is happening in our house right now though :( So while we are recovering from a stomach bug, we can look at these photos and remember the warmth of the sun and the splashing in the water. Until next time my loves...