Letters to My Daughters | March 2013

This is my second Letters to My Daughters post and I am so thankful again to be part of this wonderful group of talented women. I loved reading all the letters last month (my first post can be found HERE) and seeing the gorgeous photographs to go along with them and I can't wait to read them this month. This is such a wonderfully moving experience. After reading my letter, please continue along the circle and read what Aimee McNamee in Richmond, VA had to say HERE and stick around and check out the rest of her gorgeous photography. Her eye for lifestyle photography will leave you in awe.

Dear Drew,

It's hard to put into words how I feel about you. My first little girl born. You were the perfect little 8 lb newborn, with beautiful big blue eyes, the most perfect lips, blonde curls and the world's best demeanor. I had the hardest time not staring at you all day long. Friends and nurses told me to nap, but how could I when I had you there? I was so proud to be your Mom. I literally cried every time you would turn a month older because I wanted you to remain that way forever. This keeps happening even today. Right now is perfect. Just stay the same way! I somehow keep wanting each stage to last forever. The good news is I know how much fun there is ahead and I can't wait to experience it all with you.

You are the soulful one in our family. You never miss a beat or an expression or look. You take it ALL in. Your teachers often tell us how you have a hard time at lunch because you are so consumed with your friends or those around you and what they are saying and doing. You stop what you are doing and listen (and then of course you join in). You want to learn and see everything and my dear, you will! But, please eat your whole lunch!

Drew, you are so beautiful and you are literally growing before our eyes as your clothes are no longer fitting and you are wearing a size 8 when you are only 5! You are going to be taller than me one day and I have to brace myself for that. You are such a kind, gentle, nurturing soul who wants to help others. You want to be a veterinarian one day so you can take care of animals (all animals except a tarantula- and I don't blame you!) or a doctor to take care of children and, most importantly- a Mom. It's been wonderful growing up in New York City with the diversity around us. I know this is partly where your dreams are coming from. Walking to or from school, we see just about every ethnicity, race, color or handicap and you take it all in and observe. If someone is hurt or walks with a limp, your first words are always "aww, I feel really badly for that [man]." That happened this afternoon. I hope that never changes because I know you will help to make someone like that better one day.  And just like I used to stare at you as a baby, I do so more now. You take my breath away each and every day. I still have a hard time believing you are actually mine. I don't know how we all got so lucky.

I love you always.