Letters to our Daughters | October 2015

This is part of our monthly Letters to our Daughters blog circle. After reading this, please see what my friend Kami had to say to her two sweet daughters HERE

Dear Drew,

You are about to turn 7 this weekend, you are missing your two front teeth, you speak and writing more Spanish than your Dad or I can understand anymore and you would rather spend your time on the monkey bars than do just about anything else. You are changing before our eyes. Now that I am working again, things have definitely changed for all of us and it's never easy. You and Harper have a new sitter and I know how hard it is to get used to someone new. I appreciate your looking out for your sister at all times and Harper is so lucky to have you. We discovered a great little desk in your room and this has now become your quiet place to do your homework and write notes and draw.  Yes, your room is still a complete mess and you still don't know how to get dressed by yourself most days, but I love you all the same and we will work on the clothes part :)  Keep up all your great work. Your Dad and I are getting be more proud to be your parents!