Photo 52: A Play on Light (Week 8: Backlight)

This is week 8 of our collaborative photography project with my group of talented photographers.  This is also the last week of our focus on backlight. I couldn't go four weeks without at least one silhouette as this has become one of my favorite ways to shoot backlight. It's also fairly easy as long as you meter off the lit background. The key is to get your subjects spread apart and able to show a unique silhouette. I usually have them jump or spread their arms or do something silly. While this isn't the ideal silhouette shot, there is only so much four little ones will stand to do for me :)  While I typically shoot silhouettes at the beach at sunset or where the sky can be illuminated and my subjects silhouetted, I played with this silhouette in a tunnel in Central Park at the peak of fall foliage. As long as you have a backlit environment, you can turn your subjects into fun silhouettes. After Hurricane Sandy this week, it's likely most of these leaves will be on the ground unfortunately.  Here is my take of week 8 of our project and week 4 of backlight:

Please stick around and take a look at the rest of our blog circle.  Up next is the talented mom of four from Minnesota, Julie Kiernan.  Please stop by and look at her take on backlight HERE.