Who We Become | May 2016 : Jessie Wixon Photography

Hi and happy Spring... although it feels a lot more like late fall in NYC :( I really hope it gets warm again and actually sticks around. Wishful thinking I suppose. 

This post is part of our Who We Become blog circle with my dear photography friends. After checking my page out, please take a look at my friend Sarah Davis and follow along the circle. 

This weekend is my nephew's Bar Mitzvah. It's hard to believe he is 13 years old this month. I remember the day he was born vividly in NYC. I was so proud of my first ever nephew. We are all very much looking forward to celebrating this weekend. These photos were taken at the coolest grafitti park in Welling Court, Queens. We did a photo shoot there last month as his theme is grafitti and street art. Here is a sampling of some of the photos: