Photo 52: A Play on Light (Week 49: Creative Settings)

This is week 49 of our blog circle, focusing on creative settings. This past weekend, we had the whole family up on the Cape at my parents house - my hubby and two kids, older brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew and my younger brother and my other sister-in-law.  All 12 of us! This is a very rare occurrence.

It was one of those magical evenings, when the tide was low and the sky was pink and purple and the perfect temperature. Silhouettes are one of my favorite ways to shoot and I had never tried it with so many people before. I set up my tripod with my camera and gave some instruction and hoped for the best.  I thought this turned out really fun! 

Up next in the blog circle is my friend Linda Hooper. I can't wait to see what she chose for this week HERE 

My whole family