Letters to My Daughters | August 2013

Hi girls, 

It's August and it's hard to believe that the summer is coming to an end soon. Thankfully we have a big trip to Namibia planned next week to tie us over until school starts again. I wanted to write you and post a few recent shots of our lazy days on the beach so you can look back and try to remember just how lucky you two are to have this amazing home on the beach to visit and enjoy and to be able to spend parts of your summer here every year. I spent every summer here since I was born and attended the same camp you are going to and played tennis at the same tennis club you do and what is so special is that not only did I spend summer here, but your Bubba did and great-grandmother did as well. You are the fourth generation! Sagamore Beach (at the upper most part of Cape Cod) holds such a special place in my heart and I am so happy you are able to experience and love it as much as me. This summer has been a time for cousins, friends, ice cream, dogs, boating, tennis, swimming, rainbow loom, going to camp, staying up late and eating s'mores. Summers are way too short. I wish they would last forever. I know you two feel the same.

Love you to pieces, 


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